Wednesday, 25 November 2020

One Month and Counting

 Ho Ho Ho fellow Elves ... we're down to the 1 month mark but I'm sure I don't have to tell anyone that. As this year of 2020 comes to the finale, let us continue to share our support, friendship and thoughts of wellbeing with one and all.  

I have had the good luck to find a little extra time over the last week and managed not 1 but 2 completed quilt tops.  The first is "A Merry Christmas Garden" that I have worked on each month this year.  Without this little group sewing beside me, I'm sure I would have put it 'away' for another day, so Thank You! Not the best photos outside in the wind.

The second top is "Mother Goose" by Kookaburra Cottage.  Not a Christmas Gift, this is for Grandson number 4 who will turn 1 early January.

Hoping everyone will be able to re-unite with loved ones very soon and make new memories to cherish.

On a RoLL

 Another gift this month... yippee...
A  CuTe 12inch MiNi...

Thanks Narelle... 

Campground Pennant Banner

Things get a little busy for me over the summer
with the gardening and all but I'm finally back
with a gift finish!

I made this pennant banner for my brother and his
wife who recently purchased a retro camper.  The
pennants to the left (flipped over) show their last
name (as in:  "Smith Campground").

I put batting inside for weight and stability.
I was hoping this would make a dent in my mountain
of batting scraps but no...not really.  Darn it!
But I am proud of the fact that the entire project
was made with things on hand.

The edges are unfinished but pinked.

Now to wrap it and get it in the mail.
Only one more homemade gift left to make but
I'm almost done with it, too, and I'm excited to
share it next month--it's a big one!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy quilting!

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Nice & Early

As I've shown the "bucket bag" on my blog... I thought I would add it to this blog today albeit a little early in the month. 
It's a gift this Christmas BuT the owner-to-be won't see it.

Thanks Narelle... for another successful gift ready for Dec 25th.

* * * * *

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Christmas Sampler....

 I've got an almost finished block for my Christmas Sampler.

Have a great day!

Monday, 2 November 2020

Running Late For An Early October

 Greetings fellow Elves

I had such a great start to October and managed to not only finish the 6th and final block for A Merry Christmas Garden but also join the 6 blocks together. Then with everything else happing in double time, my post to the blog was forgotten.  So here is my "Early" finish posted late.

Photo taken 18th October

My plan is to get the borders on for November and then the finished top will need to wait in line for quilting, hopefully ready for 2021.

Not long now my lovely friends, I do hope your gift boxes are starting to look a lot like Christmas.

Back in the Swing of Things--Kind of

 I was so excited when I originally found this group.  I love working on Christmas items year round.  But Covid settled in and I am not sure where my Christmas mojo went.  Most of my items are make for Church Christmas Boutiques.  But all of that has been cancelled at least for this year.  But I am back in the holiday spirit and started a mystery Christmas Quilt.  Here are two of the blocks.  I have 10 more to go!


 I'm doing the UFO Number Draw Challenge hosted over Dreamworthy Quilts.  The number for November is 3...I'll be working on my Jar Quilt...This also my OMG quilt for November.

It's all done, just needs to be sandwiched, tied and binding added.  

I've finished the Scarecrow Santa for my Christmas Sample.

And I finished the scarecrow for my Fall Sampler.

I've also been working on my April RSC blocks...the color for April is Light Blue.  I've got one done.

What are your doing with your Sunday???  Hop over and see what everyone else is doing.

I'm linking up with:

Slow Sunday Stitching

Oh! Scrap

15 Minutes to Stitch

UFO Number Draw Challenge


Hope you all an awesome....

Sunday, 1 November 2020

31st Oct 2020

 Wow, I'm running late this month. We are having our central heating boiler replaced and moved next month, so I'm busy packing lots of the house ready for the disruption before we move out whilst it happens. Of course we might be back in lockdown before then. 

Another Love and Hugs design. I can't find some of the patterns I printed out. I must have put them in that elusive safe place.

I have found time to relax in the evenings and another batch of Lucy Boston blocks are finished.

I'm not sure if I will be able to post next month but will be sewing some more Hugs and Kisses if I find them.

Happy sewing.