Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Michell’s January

After not posting on here for a long time I am going to make an effort and do it monthly.  However I did do Xmas stuff last year.

This month I have started a new project.
Though I have stitched more than the picture below now, I am away on holiday writing this and have not got the project with me, so look for it next month.

What I have finished is the first elf. I was going to take a picture the night before leaving but got sidetracked. 

And best of all my S titching mojo is returning ❤️

So that’s my January post finally done.


In JaNuaRY

 I finished off this wall hanging called...

Santa Rides... 

Thanks Narelle... for hosting us all again in 2021...
* * * * *

Message for Marti

 Hi Marti,  Your comment came through as a no reply comment. Could you please send me your email address so that I can invite you to participate on the blog.  pinsandwhiskers(at)gmail(dot)com  Thanks

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

A Gift For Our Home

 I'm not sure if this counts but my January completion
is for decorating our home at Christmas.  It's also
for my family to use and enjoy when they're home
for the holidays so, to me, that makes it a gift.

Pine Tree Lane
(74 x 86)

Snowflake swirl quilting design.

I wasn't able to make it in time for this Christmas but I am
really looking forward to having everyone use it next
December--almost as much as I am looking forward to
everyone being home again. ;o)

Monday, 25 January 2021

Fiona in January

 Hello fellow elves, or elvesses, or elvines,  

Is elf male or female or both?    I wonder... doesn't matter really - it was just a random thought I had....

Anyway... hello again.... I am going to try and work on something Christmassy each month.... I haven't done well the last couple of years and then it's a mad rush, and I do have some lovely Christmas projects I want to do...

These are the decorations I made last year.... the ones I sent (early) to UK have only just started arriving... I guess the Grinch did take their Christmas... they all had to stay at home on their own this year....  but I think they got some January smiles with the cheeky grin of the grinch....

My first Christmas project I worked on this year is this Annie Downs wallhanging... I did the applique and embroidery and still need to make up the blocks and borders.....

This was a kit I have had languishing in my drawers for a few years.....

... I want to do a decoration each month too.... it hasn't happened this month but I have decided what I will make... and with what.....

I'm sure that counts for something and I will try and make 2 in February to catch up.....

This is another Christmas project I have started.....  It is a Katy Dawson (from Cottage Garden Threads) design and a pattern I was given some years back.... quite a lot of stitching to do and I am doing a bit of it in between applique projects...

Sooooo...... my year has started with lots of Christmas plans.....  

Thanks Narelle and everyone else for the motivation to keep going.... and even though its only January its fun to do Christmas things..... 

Off to a good start for 2021

 I've completed a few Xmas items this month. Glad to have them off my ufo pile.

Happy Stitching,

January 2020

 I hope every one had a safe, healthy Christmas. Here in England we've had a lot of rain and freezing cold days and nights. My allotment is very wet, due to the clay soil. The garden is the same, there are lots of birds visiting all the various feeders and water dishes.

However I have been sewing and reading.

I have returned to an earlier project, an applique quilt celebrating thirteen states in America.

Here is one of the 12 wreaths that separate the state blocks.

I have now started Cherokee Rose, the Georgia block.

For my Christmas decoration I have sewn Songbird Christmas Tree by Shawn York for Rusty Crow.

There are some charming ornaments to sew over the coming year.

Happy New Year 
enjoy your sewing, Josie


Friday, 8 January 2021

A New Year ... A New Christmas Stash

 Happy New Year to our returning Elves and new Elves to the workshop. This will be a very relaxed group of Christmas crafters preparing for a stress free Christmas 2021. Make a gift or decoration or simply make progress on a long term Christmas project and post at the end of each or any month. 

Visit, encourage, share your lovlies and spread some Christmas cheer. I will update the sidebar for 2021 participants at the end of this month. Thank you for your valued company in our little workshop.