Sunday, 31 August 2014

August finish......

...... a little late.
Finally made it to the sewing room to finish this sweet little stitchery'

Happy Stitching,

Everybody's projects are lovely!

I posted my items a minute ago, but forgot to mention everybody else's work.  There is such a variety, you are all going really well!  This is such fun and I am so pleased to have so many Xmas goodies lined up for this year's festive season.  I hope Narelle will host it all over again next year :-)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

August projects.

I started out on the project I'd originally planned for August, but saw something else in a magazine that I just had to do, so I worked on both of them, but finished neither of them...However, one is closer to being finished than the other, so I will call it the August item.
A small quilt or throw, using up more of my old Xmas fabrics stash, along with some cream curtain fabric I'd bought at Paddy's Market a few years ago, because it looked kind of Christmassy and I thought I could use it (and I have, several times).
Note:  I have replaced the original photo of the unfinished quilt with a new photo of the finished item.

The other project I started is a wall hanging with three stitcheries.  I've done one, so I plan to do the other two and make the hanging up for my September item.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August - Maria in NC

The heat of the Summer did not let me think about Christmas but now I am back. Here are my two ornaments I made this month.

Finished in August

                       The last months I haven't had anything ready for the gift box :-(
              Therefore I'm so happy that I have finished these mobile phone cases before August is gone.                                                           
              Hope to have something to show you next month too. Thanks Narelle!

August- ticked off

This month I finished up my family Christmas cards
just the picking fabrics and sewing up needed to be done :)
Red Santas for this year

Only four months to go,
and oh so much to do :)
Thanks Narelle :)


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Walter the Snowman

My finish for this month is Walter the snowman which is a Michelle Ridgway design and i think he is pretty cute,to see the post on my blog about Walter go here thankyou Narelle for keeping us on track.
cheers shez xx

Monday, 25 August 2014

Christmas Stitching for August

I am continuing on with the two projects I am working on as part of 1Xmas Item a Month -

Block 3 of Rag-Tag Stitchin "Merry Mistletoe",
and the other one I'm working on -

is "Angel's Wings" from FignBerry Creations. Didn't quite get block 3 done this month, but will finish it during the week.  Cheryl

A finish for August

I'm feeling a little organised this month with a finish to share —
This cushion is from Simply Christmas by Gail Pan.
Thank you Narelle :-) for spurring us on.
Happy stitching everyone!

Almost There for August

I'm so close to a finish but that will need a trip into town so I'll post anyway.  Where oh where can my button stash be ... oh where oh where can it be? I'm sure once I buy some more buttons they will turn up when I'm looking for something totally unrelated.

My (almost) finish for August are these 2 hand towels minus their button and button holes.

How is everyone else going this month?  There's still time to be prepared for a less stressed Christmas with 3 more months to make and create.

Happy Christmas sewing.

AuGusT MaKe

Thanks Narelle... for all the encouraging to complete a gift each month.
This year is flying by so quickly but I'll be ready for Christmas thanks to you.

A bag to hold plastic bags neat & tidy in a kitchen pantry.
Hugs Cheryll  xox

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A little progress

This is my show for August ,the parcels ready to go on the quilt.

Here they are stitched to the bottom of the quilt.
Not much left to do now getting very excited,has to be finished by November as it's going to Australia with me.See you in September.x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

At last some christmas things finished at my house.....

I have been a bit slack with Christmas things over hereat my house so I am so pleased to have finished my Christmas Swag .....

The pattern for 'Christmas' is by Nikkie Tervo .... Each star is about 6" so the swag is quite big .. And it is all stitched by hand .... and tied together with bows and bells

I had some extra fabric and linen so I stitched up a couple of single decorations too using a stitchery design by Gail Pan

It's been great seeing what everyone else has made... you are all so inspirational.... lets hope I can keep some momentum up....


Sunday, 3 August 2014

July project finished tonight!

I found some beautiful Xmas fabrics at Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg last week, but managed to control myself and only bought two, but also bought some batting which I needed.   I ended up not using one of the fabrics, but that's okay - there will be a use for it some time in the future. 
So here we are at 11.30 pm on Sunday night - I was determined to finish this tonight as I'm seeing some friends tomorrow who always ask me what I've been sewing. 

As with so many of my projects, I started out with a design from a magazine, but it got changed along the way.   The original design was a table runner, of which the centre looked much like mine, but that's where I started changing it.  The original had four different fabric squares with the stitcheries, but I couldn't make up my mind which four to use,  so I ended up using one of my new fabrics.  Then as I was about to add the green border (which has gold starry stuff on it that you can't really pick out on this photo), I found a project in another magazine where they had put a thin gold border inbetween the main bit and the border, and I decided it would look good on mine!  The binding is green and gold stars, which is the same design as the red fabric.
So I guess it could be a wall hanging or a table centre.  Whatever the recipient wants it to be!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

July is over!

But I did kinda did make Christmas in July presents for Ann (no blog)

See my blog for more details, click here

Thank you Narelle, Chief elf!