Monday 30 May 2016

May - Stocking Update

This month, I finally finished embellishing the Christmas stocking I am making for my husband. 

I believe the Santa cross-stitch is from the book Alma Lynne's Country Cross-Stitch

Next month, I will be able to share this all sewn together. I hope to have at least one more finish to share at that time.

Here is a close up of the embellishments on the top of the stocking.

(I worried the bells were too bulky, but my husband likes them and I love the way the stocking will jingle.)

And a close up of the stitching at the bottom.

Thursday 26 May 2016

Stitching for May :)

Gosh the end of May came out of nowhere!

I made a big push forwards working on this year's bigger project,
and then a giant leap backwards when I realised,
after I had pieced all the blocks,
that the seam allowance was wrong,
so er none of that to show this month :(

Fortunately after last month's post
 I had continued on some stitching
utilising a dash of diligence
 that showed up out of nowhere
so I can show
the rest of Gail Pan's Wishes bom stitcheries have been completed

These have been such fun to stitch :)

  Wishing you a cheerily festive June :)

Wednesday 25 May 2016

May Finish

The last two months got away from me, not much crafting was happening around here. First we got a new kitten and he turned out to be quite the little tornado and then I decided to turn the unused front room into 'my room'. And between watching Mr. Moose, schlepping boxes and moving furniture most of my crafty projects fell by the wayside. Now that everybody and everything has settled, I have started to work on Christmas gifts. The first one is a cowl for a friend. The pattern is called Blarney Stone Cowl and it was a quick and easy project.

May Finish.....

.... is actually on time. :)
Gail Pan designed this for a stitchery day i went to back in March. The stitchery has been finished since March. Stopped dragging my heels about sitting at the machine & got the rest done.

Happy Stitching,

Jingle All The May

It's that time again dear elf friends. I do hope May has been kind to you and you've been able to spend some time on those Christmas goodies.

I seem to be at full speed and getting nowhere fast but I did manage another small cloth finish for the gift box. I'm also planning a couple in plain white for baby washers.

Looking forward to viewing your lovely May makes and thank you for sharing and creating in our little workshop.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Catching Up.

Whew!  I went back to work in March, and time sort of got away from me.  However, I have finally gotten back on track and have my March:


and May projects done. 
 They're free-standing machine embroidery with applique, so they still need to have the stabilizer backing washed away, but I find it easier to do them all at once. 

Here's to staying on track for the rest of the year!  :)