Wednesday, 29 January 2020

January Gift Finishes

These are my January finishes.
Not completely finished quilts, but they are
completely finished tops so they count, right? <wink>

One goal is to use up my precuts so I made this fast quilt.
Currently quilting; should be 100% done w/in a few days.

I always want to use up scraps and stash!
Irish Chain quilt for someone who loves green.

This lap-size quilt is a "gift" just for us.
Another precut used up.

I completed the first 14 of the Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks.
I doubt this huge project will be a gift so that info is here.

I'm almost done with a simple ribbed scarf for my grandson.
It's been a good warm-up but I'm ready to get back at
something more challenging next month.

Happy Christmas Stitching!
(I apologize--I don't know how to get the font
everyone is using.  I like it, but I don't have it?)

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

January Christmas sewing

Scraping in by a couple of days is my finish for January.
A decorative tea towel that was a bonus pattern from a Christmas BOM I did last year.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, 27 January 2020

My Christmas sewing....

I am also working on the Bunny Hill Snowmen...

This month I did the applique and stitcheries for these 3:

So even though there is not a finished item I am happy that I have made progress on these.  I just find it easier to prepare a few at a time.... I will keep doing that and when they are all done have a machine sewing session and get them finished.

Thanks Narelle for hosting and encouraging to get some projects done for Christmas.....

Sunday, 26 January 2020

25th January 2020

I'm loving these little blocks so much I couldn't stop at just January's. They are super fun and a great introduction to wool applique.
Here's the January angel.

and here is February's snowman with heart.
It looks like he has a large carroty nose or a ducks beak! I might redo that.

I'm still putting together the other months into project bags to have ready for a an easy quick sew.
Now to find another Christmas project for when these are finished. 

happy sewing

Friday, 24 January 2020

In January

I finally finished a project that's waited patiently for years...
The Night Before Christmas quilt... by Bunny Hill designs.
YiPPee.... it feels gOOd to have it completed...

You can read all about it HeRe...
Miss Fiona added her amazing custom quilting...
AnD it's GoRGeOus... !!!

Thanks Narelle... 2020 is up and running...

* * * * *

Wednesday, 22 January 2020


Hello there.  I'm new so I wanted to post a bit about me
before the 25th gets here and it's time to posts projects.
(Please correct me if I'm doing something wrong!)
I live in Kansas on the last 3 acres of what used to be my
family's large farm (now sold off and covered in houses).
We have a huge garden, chickens and an orchard that
keep me pretty busy but our kids are now gone so I'm
starting to cut back--more time in the sewing room!
After 27 years of marriage, we have these to show for it:
DD 1 is married with 2 littles (so far), lives in our city
holds a degree in music ed, teaches piano.
DD 2  holds a PTA along with her Bachelor of Science;
lives/works in our city.
DS 1 attends Creighton University in Omaha, NB
majoring in Finance and Business Analytics
DS 2 attends West Point Military Academy, NY
and is a pole vaulter on the track team.
(Go Army!  Beat Navy!)
I love cooking especially with what I've grown.
Quilting is my love but I also enjoy knitting and reading.
I keep track of my creations over at The Morning Latte
if you'd like to pop in for a visit.
This should be a big homemade year for me and
I'm excited to see what everyone has going on!

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

It's A Start

To work on A Merry Christmas Garden, first I needed to find it.  Last year I wrote lists of UFOs and their safe places so if I could find that list? Happy ending...list found and project found.

Bonus ... I had already made a start on Block 3

A little hand stitching at night is in order.

Friday, 17 January 2020

Pipping In

Hello my fellow 2020 elves.  I haven't been as active in my posting here and I should be because I'm always doing something for Christmas.  
Well this year one of many projects I will be working on is this Advent Calendar by Bareroots.  (you can click on the name to go to their site)

I live in Arizona and my Sister snow birds here for 5 months a year, so we will be doing it together. The pattern calls for coloring and embroidery, we are doing in wool applique and embroidery. 
We traced out larger blocks and are doing the applique and then the embroidery before trimming to size and making our pockets. Here is mine prepped ready to stitch. 
I will post and keep you up to date on our progress on this.  
Along with this I will be doing some monthly Ornaments (One Ornament a Month and possibly the Bunny Hill ones ) and who knows what other requests will come along down the road for Christmas gifts. 
We'll that's enough for now.  Looking forward to another productive year. 
By for now - Lynn 

Friday, 10 January 2020

Snow Happy for 2020

Like Fiona I love the Snow Happy Ornaments by Bunny Hill Designs. I will follow the square ornaments I think. I've ordered some pretty felt and just have to find a suitable charm pack. Last year was the first year I hadn't  made any new decorations.
While I wait for the felt to arrive I can make a start on tracing on the fusible webbing.

aka Alcea Rosea

Sunday, 5 January 2020


Hello fellow elves...… and thanks Narelle for being chief whip elf again this year.... I certainly find it helps having a 'goal' ...

Well done for last year... especially those overachievers who did something EVERY month..... wonderful....

This year I want to make the sweet Bunny Hill ornaments

This is a free pattern found HERE though in squares, mine is in hearts which was given free a year or two ago.... basically the same though

I have chosen some fabric, and will try with the fleece fabric for the snowmen (hope it works okay) and today I printed out my patterns and made a template....

Will be fun to sew along with you....


Saturday, 4 January 2020

Get Ready for Christmas 2020

Welcome to our little workshop.

Firstly, I'd like to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Cherryl and Jeanette who both managed a clean sweep, 1 XMAS item (or more) for each month of 2019.  Well done ladies, I'm sure your family and friends were very thrilled to receive you lovely makes.

It may seem out of place to be talking of Christmas 2020 so soon, especially in the face of devastating fires and drought here in Australia. But I find comfort in friendship and in my sewing room, and hope that others can find a moment of calm in times of hardship and sadness.

Information on how to join in can be found on the sidebar.  We would love to see you in our workshop this year, creating gifts or items for yourself, getting a head start on a stress free December with handmade goodies to share.

Don't forget to add a post to the blog anytime between 25th and the end of each month and share what you have created. It can be 1 or more completed items, or like me, you can work on 1 project and share your progress each month.  There may just be a little incentive each month for those who post.

My project for 2020 will be to work on 'A Merry Christmas Garden' by Gail Pan and hopefully have at least a completed top.  Started back in January 2014 (shocking!) I managed the first 2 blocks.

Block 2

Block 1

So come on in and leave a comment to let me know you'll be joining. If you're new you will receive an email inviting you to participate in the blog and your link will be added to the sidebar.  If you're commitments are already full this year then that's OK too ...