Monday, 31 August 2015

August Stitching

August just rushed by me. I didn't get anything done of my Christmas stitching until yesterday when i started this.
3 little ornaments.

Happy Stitching,

August item

The last day of August, and I almost forgot to post the item for the month.  I have knit a scarf which will be to find  under the Christmas tree. I hope the young recipient will like it.

I enjoy to see all the lovely Christmas items you have made!

Santa and the Mouse is Done!

I missed posting in July, as life was just too busy. 

This month I am thrilled to say I finally finished cross-stitching the Heaven and Earth Designs retired freebie chart of Santa and the Mouse. (It is a smaller section of this chart.)

I also added a Christmas tree seam and an angel seam to a crazy quilted stocking for my youngest son. 

Next month, I hope to have more finishes. I have a few items that are all stitched and just waiting for me to pull out my sewing machine to transform them into gifts.

Narelle, thank you for offering this blog. It is so nice to have so much progress on Christmas gifts and projects before the end of November this year.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Santa's Ride

Do you realise its only 4 months (17 weeks) to the big day...arghhhh I'd better get on with things......

I have almost embroidered all the blocks in my Santa's ride project, only 3 to go.

I'm onto the white snow scenes now and here are the latest two...



I've actually started to piece the finished blocks together so that I can add the white window framing to see what its going to look like.

Here is the top half with my bias binding across the centre line, there will be more binding going down each vertical join so that it forms the window pane.


Hopefully it will be starting to take shape by my next posting, wish me luck :)

Happy Sewing

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It's a little one this month

I've been busy making lots of little things. I did enjoy making these cross stitch ornaments.
Some of my makes cant be shown until December though. This will have to do for this month.

For August

I finished the embroidery of a Xmas piece by Crap-Apple designs... called Be Merry Stocking.
I haven't decided what I will make yet... I have a few ideas... but I will think on it some more before I decide.
Thanks Narelle for keeping me motivated.

Quiet In The Workshop

Helloooo .... yes it's me .... chief elf :o)  My sincere apologies for being such a slack chief around the Christmas workshop lately .... just time being gobbled up by all the 'life' stuff I'm afraid .... and that 4 letter word 'work' .... and DD's wedding coming up in less that 2 weeks now!  Any crafty time has been wedding decorations and one other monthly sewing target.


However I am remaining positive and am sure Christmas gift making will return with still a few months yet to add to my stash ... it's never too late to get ahead, right?

Thank you to those lovely elves who continue to make and share your Christmas goodies here with everyone .... lots of gorgeous, sweet, clever and cheeky inspiration.

Happy Christmas Sewing .... looking forward to your August posts.