Tuesday, 5 March 2019

February Finishes

Hello all,  
Got heaps achieved this month. Lots of Christmas/ Birthday gifts made.
The final tally for Feb is - 7
Christmas Gifts - 4
2 x Christmas Skirts
2 x Christmas Table Runners
 Birthday or Christmas Gifts - 3

Set of 6 Place mats
Hot Handle Pad and Oven Mitt
Woo Hoo, go me! 😊😊😊

Until next month, Happy Sewing


Thursday, 28 February 2019

Getting Back Into Christmas Makings

After getting snowed under & distracted by so many things in the last year or so, I've finally put 1xiam back on the priority list!
My first report here in a very long time is to share these cuties.
I really don't remember why I traced off some extra designs when I made my 'Tis The Season' wall quilt a few years ago - maybe I had fabric I just wanted to use up? - but when I rediscovered them recently, I decided they should just be stitched & made up.
There are two more designs after these ones, then I'll decide what to do with them.
It's been fun to re-visit these designs & their cheerful characters!


Wednesday, 27 February 2019

February Ornaments

My plan was to make 6 of these but when I went to my Xmas fabric stash ... the box was almost bare. Oh well, means I have a good reason to go fabric shopping.

Wonderful to see so many sweet makes for February. Thank you all for a fun month in our workshop.

Monday, 25 February 2019

In FeBruaRY

I added a MuG RuG to the gift box.  SimPLe...

Thanks Narelle... xox

* * * * *

February projects -- add 2 to the pile!

Hello Again!

February, despite being the shortest month of the year, has been the most productive one that I have had in quite a while.

I completed not one, but two gifts for the Christmas Gift Box!

These scarves were made using the corner-to-corner (or C2C) crochet method using self striping yarn:

I find it really interesting that even though the dye lots were the same I ended up with two different color patterns.  Of course, since I used one skein for one scarf and the 2nd skein for the other it is completely possible that the dying sequence was different.

But the coloring was different on each one as well.

These were made using directions found on YouTube.  It seems that I have become a real YouTube junkie!  LOL

Now I not only have 2 more gifts, but I have also reduced my yarn stash by 2 skeins of yarn. . . . they were both completely used up without any of those little balls that I usually get & then feel guilty about throwing away.

Hmmm, now to start thinking of what I might be able to get done in March!

Happy Stitching,


Sunday, 24 February 2019

February finish.....

Once again my item is only small but any finish is good.....
I might make 2 next month....lol

4 Xmas finishes for this Month

I managed to get 4 xmas decorations finished for this month.
cheers Sheryl xx

February mitten....

I made up another mitten for this month....

Thanks for the prompt to get something done for Christmas each month

February finishes

2 little finishes this month to add to my Christmas decorations. I think i need a larger house to display all the ones i've made over the years. :)

A hanging &
a small table mat

Happy Stitching,

Christmas stitch agoa

  1.            My stitch along is blocks ....from Natalie Bird Tis the season...gee hope I have done this right.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Wreath #1 & # 2

I'm working on a Christmas Wreath each month but didn't put up a pic's last month... so now I'll show both January & February here.
It's a wreath made with felt pieces in a kit form that I've had for a few years.
You can find the details HeRe...

Thanks Narelle... for the encouragement to get things done...

* * * * *

Monday, 4 February 2019

January Items

As you may know I'm trying to sew gifts and Xmas gifts each month.
I'm doing various items in the RSC19 Colourway each month and also Xmas/Birthday gifts
So here they are ....

Gifts in Gift Box = 4 I am also currently working on a Birthday Gift from January for #2 Son's Girl Friend. I'll post a picture when it's finished.

Please visit me and Say Hello

Hugs for now,

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Good Elfie

I'm at least trying to be a good Elfie this year after being such a slack one last year!  I went diving into a very large pile of UFO's looking for one Christmas one I new I had ... only to find this one which I believe I may have been making about 10yrs ago!  It was soooo crushed and I have no idea what the pattern name is or where it was from, but I can see I got to finish all the blocks and joined them together ...... so I firstly ironed it all out, found some backing and batting and did my normal bad job of stitching in the ditch around all the blocks ....... next month I hope to get some binding on it!

I also found another little stitchery I had started a number of years ago and managed to iron on a couple of the applique bits, but  I'll have to sit and do some stitching on this one..... its quite cute and has been in the cupboard a few years as well! Hope to share it with you next month! Thanks Narelle for the start to these again!

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Ta Da

Wow, nothing like a little push to get something done - I have been meaning to make these little ornaments for years.. and having to find an item to finish this month, well, I thought these would be a good project and they looked easy and quick to make.. 
I managed to finished 6 of them.   Thanks for giving me a shove...

1st Christmas gift done!

Ok, first a confession, the picture below is not the project that I completed for this month.  But, it is what I completed.

Let me explain.  I made another placemat storage bin but I could not find my camera (I think it may be at work).  And blog posts without pictures are not all that interesting.

So, I found a picture of the first placemat storage bin that I did and am substituting it until I can find my camera and correct the picture.

These bins are so very easy to do.  I watched the YouTube video from Lorrie Nunemaker.

In fact, she has an entire series of videos about using placemats to make bins, zippered pouches and other things.

I have made several other items from her videos and may be making more of them as Christmas gifts because they are so easy and fun to do.

The only problem that I am running into is finding suitable placemats. . . . I think other quilters are getting to the stores before I can!  LOL

So, if you are looking for easy projects you may want to check out her YouTube channel.  Or just search "placemat projects" because I know that there are other videos with other projects out there.

Have a lovely day.

Sherry V.