Wednesday 29 October 2014

Catching up!

Dear friends, recently I had the sad misfortune to lose loads of data, including pictures of much of my blogging .. at the same time life just caught up with me and swept me along with family issues, a really bad six weeks of a flu virus and general day to day mayhem!!
Happily I am much recovered, my data is slowly being recovered, and my stitching is nearly up to date :)

Here are Christmas trees 9 and 10!

The beautiful work over the last few months is awesome to say the least!  I am so inspired ... I am most definitely up for some more of the same in 2015 .. 

Stitcheries All Done!

I'm so pleased to share this pic... I've finished all the stitcheries for my Tis The Season wall hanging, woo hoo! The fabrics for the blocks are all chosen, & very soon I'll be able to start work on getting those blocks sewn... progress on this project has happened a little quicker than I estimated, so I am actually thinking it will probably be on the wall for Christmas this year!
One of these designs is going on the back, as part of the label.

I'm loving all the great posts here lately, I must go for a better look at all the gorgeous items♥

GaiL PaN's

design from her 2013 Christmas Book...
Into the box it goes... woohoo...
Thanks Narelle... xox

Sunday 26 October 2014

October project.

This was supposed to be my August project, but I only got as far as the first stitchery, and ran out of time.  I thought it would be finished in September for sure, but no....So I made a concerted effort to have it done by the end of October, and after a couple of very late nights, here it is!  I think I need a new photos lately are all blotchy or pixilated. 
I hope Meredith (the designer) likes my version of her pattern.  I used the same thread for the stitcheries as per the instructions, but not the fabric, as I had fabric in my stash that I wanted to use instead of going out and buying more.

October Christmas Sewing

Wow who would think just 9 weeks to Christmas. Lots of secret xmas sewing happening here, but I did finish one more block of one of two larger projects I have been working on as part of 1 Xmas Item a Month -

I Made a Start

Once again I don't have a finish to share for October. Boy oh boy is it hard to find the time and motivation to put thread to needle. I did make a start at the beginning of the month and thought I would have a sure thing ...

in need of some holy leaves around the border ... maybe a November share?

Then last night when I went to do my post the internet decided to go on holiday so here I am the morning after. As for the crazy winds that we've been getting day after day, they too play havoc with my internet signal and my sanity!

Did you notice a new page at the top of our blog?  I thought it might be nice to share our favourite Christmas Recipes with each other. Do you have a special recipe, a family favourite, a never fail or the best ever yummy treat recipe? Feel free to add your recipe to this page with or without a picture and be sure to add your name ... I'm hoping we would all love to try some new dishes. I'm not sure how group blogs go as far as posting on a different page so let me know if you have trouble or email your recipe to me and I can add it for you.

Happy Christmas Baking

C ic for .....

Christmas is coming along to fast.
4 little ornies for October.

Happy Stitching,

Monday 20 October 2014

Octobers make.

This month I have started this lovely banner.

Two stitched and the others traced and ready to go on holiday with me.
Laura xx
Ps will be giving my daughter her quilt ,will post pictures next month.x

Monday 13 October 2014

September project.

I simply have no self control when it comes to finishing my craft projects.  I can finish things that are small, easy, or fast (or all three), but since I discovered patchwork and quilting I find hand stitching terribly slow going.  I love doing it, but it seems to take forever to finish anything.  Therefore my kittens stitcheries are still being worked on!  But I'm on the last one now, so all being well, that should be my October project posted here on time.  What's today - the 14th.  Eleven days to go.  I think I can do it...:-o

So I had to revise my plans for the September project, and as I was committed to making a crafty Xmas project for a swap on another forum, I had to do something fast.  Earlier this year I'd made a scrappy patchwork tree which is on this blog somewhere, and I've already given it away as a Kris Kringle gift at a Xmas In July party.  The recipient loved it, so I decided to make another one for the exchange, and it would do as my September One a Month project.  I embellished this one with sequins and beads in the corners of the squares, but it doesn't show up in the photo.  I used a cute fabric for the back instead of plain, so it can be displayed either way.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

EEEK!! it's October already

Firstly my apologies, this blog is such a good idea and I really thought it would get me going at the beginning of the year but I have failed utterly.  I am already in grave danger of knitting on Christmas eve.  But I can report that last week I finished these for my daughter

I put the pattern photograph up on face book as a joke and she said she loved them!  So she gets them!.  They are very quick to make (took me 3 days) and super cosy.  Its a free on-line pattern and there is a crochet version too.

Other plans for Christmas 2014 include some items made from hand spun.  I'm still spinning...

Hope you like my first contribution (lots more stuff on my blog, just not very Christmassy)



Monday 6 October 2014

Xmas Items September

Hi Ladies ,

I haven't blogged since July, my apologies however I was gallivanting around Europe so I am sure I might be excused for being a bit slack.  I also thought I posted this but it was still sitting there in draft form. LOL

I have however stitched all my Tis the Season blocks and have got them together in September.

You have all been making some lovely things.  Thanks to Narelle for hosting this swap it has really made me get that Christmas list moving.

Happy Stitching

Friday 3 October 2014

Ach, wat is het lang geleden! Er kwam maar niet van. We hebben in ieder geval een prachtige feestdag gehad, met een heerlijke lunch, een huifkartocht, die de drie paardenmeisjes erg waardeerden, een boottocht en daarna heerlijk gedineerd. We kregen (veel teveel) geld om nieuwe lampen te kopen, en dat hebben we inmiddels gedaan toen we in augustus een (koude) week in Beekbergen waren.

En ook heb ik niet stilgezeten, maar ik begin met wat ik het laatst maakte: vier leuke sneeuwmannen, waarvan ik het pakketje voor mijn verjaardag had gekregen. Leuk zijn ze, hè

Thursday 2 October 2014

Another Xmas Ornament.

Although I have lots of Xmas things on the go, I only managed to get one finished for September.
Here is another Xmas ornament for the gift box.
A jolly snowman stitched with a Cottage Garden thread called Mistletoe.
Lots of lovely things have been made by everyone this month. A big thank you to Narelle for hosting this blog.
Till next month.............. Happy Christmas stitching........