Tuesday 29 January 2019

Good Elfie

I'm at least trying to be a good Elfie this year after being such a slack one last year!  I went diving into a very large pile of UFO's looking for one Christmas one I new I had ... only to find this one which I believe I may have been making about 10yrs ago!  It was soooo crushed and I have no idea what the pattern name is or where it was from, but I can see I got to finish all the blocks and joined them together ...... so I firstly ironed it all out, found some backing and batting and did my normal bad job of stitching in the ditch around all the blocks ....... next month I hope to get some binding on it!

I also found another little stitchery I had started a number of years ago and managed to iron on a couple of the applique bits, but  I'll have to sit and do some stitching on this one..... its quite cute and has been in the cupboard a few years as well! Hope to share it with you next month! Thanks Narelle for the start to these again!

Saturday 26 January 2019

Ta Da

Wow, nothing like a little push to get something done - I have been meaning to make these little ornaments for years.. and having to find an item to finish this month, well, I thought these would be a good project and they looked easy and quick to make.. 
I managed to finished 6 of them.   Thanks for giving me a shove...

1st Christmas gift done!

Ok, first a confession, the picture below is not the project that I completed for this month.  But, it is what I completed.

Let me explain.  I made another placemat storage bin but I could not find my camera (I think it may be at work).  And blog posts without pictures are not all that interesting.

So, I found a picture of the first placemat storage bin that I did and am substituting it until I can find my camera and correct the picture.

These bins are so very easy to do.  I watched the YouTube video from Lorrie Nunemaker.

In fact, she has an entire series of videos about using placemats to make bins, zippered pouches and other things.

I have made several other items from her videos and may be making more of them as Christmas gifts because they are so easy and fun to do.

The only problem that I am running into is finding suitable placemats. . . . I think other quilters are getting to the stores before I can!  LOL

So, if you are looking for easy projects you may want to check out her YouTube channel.  Or just search "placemat projects" because I know that there are other videos with other projects out there.

Have a lovely day.

Sherry V.

Friday 25 January 2019

January Baubles

So lovely to see our little workshop a buzz with Christmas Cheer.

I've been stitching these at night and was able to finish putting them together this afternoon.

Just need a little bit of 'bling' next time I'm in town to finish off around the edges.

January sewing

 I've made 3 Christmas decorations this month.
Happy Stitching,

Xmas Decorations

I got 11 xmas decorations finished for this month.
cheers Sheryl xx

Thursday 24 January 2019

First project....

Off to a good start....
Maybe next month I'll get a couple of these done.....

Thanks Narelle for organising this again.....

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Yay - gotta love anything “Christmas “

Looking forward to getting some Christmas items made, thanks for letting me join in..

Hello Maggie?

Hi Maggie, my apologies ... "things" are coming and going and I've only just found your comment. Could you please email me: pinsandwhiskers AT gmail DOT com so that I can get in contact with you. Would love to have you join us in the workshop, thanks :)

Thank you

Thank you !!!
For inviting me to join this lovely group.
Looking forward to sharing, but more excited to see what everyone else is accomplishing.


House Keeping

Firstly ... a big woohoo! to Elves Fiona and Cheryll for their first items of the year ... off to a great start.

Now just a little housekeeping before school goes back (which means me back to work) next week.

After a stumble through my spam folder this morning I hope I have replied to all who have knocked on the workshop door. Check the sidebar under "1 Xmas Elves - 2019" ... if your link isn't there or not working please let me know. An asterix * indicates you are current.

I have sent a few invite emails out this morning to be able to post to our blog ... again if you haven't received your invite or aren't able to post to the blog ... please email me at pinsandwhiskers AT gmail DOT com so I can (try to) sort it out for you.

We all look forward to seeing the beautiful projects you complete or have been working on so jump in and share away ...the more Elves the merrier.

There is still time to join in. Please refer to THIS POST for signups and make a start on a Merry and Stress-less Christmas 2019.

1st ITeM

Woo Hoo.. another year started... & a finish for the gift basket...
Thanks Narelle...

* * * * *


I was given this sweet kit a couple of years ago …..

All the felt and thread is provided with the pattern so I really have had no excuse not to make them

So my goal for the first 6 months is to make one ornament each month ….

I made this one last night …. once all the fiddly pieces are cut it doesn't take too long ….

Looking forward to seeing what you make!

Wednesday 9 January 2019

Happy New Year - Roll Call


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year full of family, fun and fabric.  Trusting that your Christmas was a happy time spent with loved ones and just a little less stressful with all the wonderful gifts and decorations you made throughout 2018.

Time to kick off the new year with a roll call of Elves wishing to play in the "1 Xmas Item A Month Workshop" and make a start on filling your gift box or decorations box ready for a Merry and Stress-less 2019 Christmas.

Please leave a comment on this post only if you wish to join our merry band of elves working their magic.  I will be updating the sidebar list at the end of the month ... then just make a post around the 25th of each month with something you've made or progress on a long term project.

Get ready ... get set ... sew.