Monday, 31 March 2014

March finish...

... is finally done. I started it last year & put it aside & now i can finally say it's done.
A little table topper from a pattern by Leanne Beasley. All the ribbons were supposed to be satin stitched but i decided against that as it may never have been finished.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Down Reindeer Lane

Sorry I'm running a bit behind this month, but only because my camera's been at the doctors, but I was very happy to get two blocks finished this month of "Down Reindeer Lane" a design from Michelle at Rag-Tag Stitchin' .
Block No 4 - aren't they the cutest reindeer?
and block 5. Two to go. See you all next month

Snowman Ornament

I have one small item for this month, a snowman ornament. I posted about it on my blog so some of you may have seen it already so here it is for those of you who haven't.
I used a Cottage Garden thread called Blue Wren and added a sparkly button and some ric rac to hang it with.
A big thank you to Narelle for hosting.
See you all again next month so till then ......Happy Stitching.........


Friday, 28 March 2014

North Pole

Hi, What a great show for March already, isn't it great that Narelle has encouraged us along with our projects.

There is never enough hours in the day, I had hoped to get a bit more stitching done.

Here are my two blocks for this month, slowly getting the quilt "Welcome to the North Pole" done, at least its on its way...

Welcome to the North Pole Block 3 and 4

Until Next Month Happy Stitching

Cute Little Angel...

Isn't she a darling little thing?!
I stitched her a few weeks ago, at the hospital when mrHS was having his day surgery... she's the second of the stitcheries for my 'Tis The Season' hanging...
I think this weekend might be the perfect time to start on the next stitchery for this project... footy on telly, cooler evenings, end of a busy week... sounds good to me!

Anthea x

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Small felt bag.

Another small project from me this month. I've been trying to complete some other deadlines as well as keeping up with my commitment here, and the only way I could keep up with everything was keep it small! It is a felt gift bag, from one of the Handmade Xmas Special magazines. I've checked out everyone's work and am full of compliments, but ran out of time to post individual comments, so I'll just say it here: another month of lovely finishes!

March ornament

I just got the last stitches finished today so here is my March make, a Western bluebird ornament.
There are so many lovely Christmas things made here, all gorgeous!!
Wendy xx

Catching Up!


So far I have met my goal this year for 1XMAS a month, I am just having trouble in the computer literacy department!  I had no clue on what to do to post, but a very patient Narelle helped guide me through it! I made the snowman soup rugs and the snowman kitty wall hanging in January.  The wall hanging is a gift for my Father in Law & his wife and the soup rugs will be good to have on hand.  I completed two more snowmen in February, I had started them in November.  The green homespun one is mine and the other one I'm not sure, he turned out a bit wonky on the bottom.

 My March item was also my first completion for the month, and it was also a WISP/UFO on my list!We finally have a homemade tree skirt!  The pattern was from Thimbleberries, although I purposely omitted some details because I wanted a simpler look.  Thanks again Narelle, for all your help and for hosting 1XMAS a Month!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My March Item

Despite ice storms, power outages and minor health irritations I made it! I finished the little ornament I had planned as my Christmas item for March. It is a Gail Pan design that was part of the 2012 designer ornament hop at Aurifil.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Candle Wrap

Well Finally I have something to post - and I must admit I have just a tiny bit more stitching to do but it's almost done so wanted to share.  It is a candle wrap that has the ribbon to tie around the candle, and you can make a matching mat for the candle too but I haven't done that.  I hope to make more of these and possibly make one for each season of the year.   Anyway thanks for letting me share.  Blessings  Lynn

Red and white

First of all I want to say thank you to all the positive comments on my  posts the previous months! I really appreciated it!
Here is my item for March. The mat is about 16" square. The photo is taken outside on the snow.
Thanks Narelle for hosting! It will be nice to open the box in December :-)


Missing Elf In Action  ~  that's me!

Lovely to see all the March goodies popping up on the blog. Keep up the great work every-elf as you merrily sew along towards your Christmas filled with handmade gifts and decorations.

I will have to take a PASS this month as we're in full scale drought management here in our little part of the world. Seems strange to type that as I listen to a gentle shower on the roof but we are going to need "drought breaking rains" for it to do any good. Any sewing has been put on the back burner and blog hopping is scarce so it's lovely to pop in here to visit our little group and check out all the gorgeous makes everyone has been busy creating.

Merry Christmas Crafting

Candy Elf Girl

This is my finish for the month of March a cute little Candy Elf Girl,think i will need to make the grandies one each ,so cute.Thankyou Narelle for the push to get something xmas made each month.
cheers shez xx

hooray I have made it this month...

I have finally managed to make a contribution to my Christmas items
two little postcards..
they are both Bronwyn Hayes designs.

Now to plan next months' item.....
Happy days


Silly Me...

Ooppss.. I actually meant for THIS item to be in Narelle's group this month.
I  posted below (on Saturday) the items I made for Christmas Thru the Year instead... SiLLy Me!!!
Anyways here is the stitchery I finished into a wallhanging.

I told you all March was MadNeSS MonTH for me...

Christmas Fun

Cisca thought she might be the last one to post, but maybe it is me?! After signing up for this blog, I had to concentrate on sewing for the New Year's Launch at my lovely local quilt shop and Christmas items didn't happen for me.
Now though, we have a new month and I do have a Christmas item finish for March :-)
This little hanging is one of the blocks from 'Christmas Fun', a button club mystery which Lynette Anderson ran a few years ago.

Thank you Narelle for hosting and setting up this blog. It's been very inspiring to see all the wonderful projects everyone is making.
Happy sewing fellow elves :-)

Changing seasons

And so here we are, nearing the end of March already!!  We are moving into Autumn here in South Africa, only nine months .. give or take a day .. till December and Xmas :)
My file of cross stitch trees has grown from my original twelve to about twenty-four, what to do?  I would love to stitch all of them, perhaps I will!

Here is Christmas Tree 4, turned out quite lovely really; it has a silver star on top.

 And here is Christmas Tree 5, such a cute little tree!  quite small and potted in a brown sack with a blue ribbon.

So many beautiful projects are being posted, it's fabulous to see what everyone is making, inspiration abounds!

Happy stitching gals!
Till end of April
Pat xxx

Christmas Tweet

I finished the stitchery of the Teddlywinks "Christmas Tweets" for this month - but I havent decided how to make it up.  I enjoyed this stitchery so much, and I am pleased that there were 2 in the pack, so I still have another one to stitch.  Maybe when I have finished it I will be able to decide how to make them up.

Monday, 24 March 2014

A Merry Christmas Garden

This is what I have been secretly working away, but was unable to share with you all until the quilt shop that I work at part time ( as well as my quilting business) had it's New Years Launch. See my blog post here about the special day.
Now that special day has passed & I have finished the quilt top, I can share!
This lovely quilt is a Gail Pan Design Called " A Merry Christmas Garden". The Country Yard is offering this superb quilt as a BOM over six months.
I used the 'Apliquick' tools for all the applique. I did a wee tutorial on my blog about these fabulous tools after I was gifted a set, see here for that blog post. I think this method of applique is the most stress free method!

Narelle I know you are doing this BOM through your local patchwork shop, sorry I had to keep the secret from you.
Now for the quilting!
I look forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to this month.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Using Stash Fabric

Thanks Narelle for encouraging all of us to make an item each month!!!
I used stash fabric & made a small cushion. Then I realised that I had just enough left to make another one... so I did!

Thanks again Narelle... this little group HeLPs a LoT.

A few days early

This months item
Snowman block and two more reigndeer 

Using tiny black buttons for the eyes,trying to make them all look  different with the eyes and antlers .
Loving sewing these,trying to make a couple or reigndeer a month as there are 9 on the quilt.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I'm late so so sorry... but its March already!!

Whew here I am and my apologies for being so late....  Lots on in this neck of the woods already... Hope it slows down but at least life is interesting.

I have the following two items finished for the February post.  Another block for the North Pole and a gift I plan to give away at Xmas.

 If anyone knows why some pictures rotate even though they have been saved the right way I would appreciate some advice.  I have just spent an hour wasting valuable stitching time trying to work this out but to no avail.  Never mind you will have to adjust your viewing for the last photo.

Happy stitching until the 25th March Phew its nearly here already...


Monday, 3 March 2014

For the present basket

This lovely design comes from Gail Pan's delightful Simply Christmas and I really enjoyed making it.  I plan to fill it with sweeties before I give it away.
Many thanks to Narelle for organising One Christmas Item a Month - lots of fun.

My addition

Only got one item done, but i love it.


Just Checking In

February has been another successful month with lots of clever elves posting your lovely makes.

I just wanted to ask if there is anyone having troubles posting to this blog?  My apologies if anyone has not received an invitation to be an author as I discovered one lovely elf who had been missed. Please leave a comment here if there are any problems and I shall do my best to sort it out.

Happy Christmas creating and sewing ... enjoy March.