Saturday, 26 October 2019

October Goodies

Got some Christmas crochet done this month!

I made them from tutorials on youtube, I can't really read crochet patterns!!! I really want to make some more of the candle mats and the second ornament....
I'll try to be better at remembering to post here!! 
lv, Joy xx

Friday, 25 October 2019

October Wrapped Up

Earlier in the week these three were able to sparkle while awaiting their backs.

A little more evening stitching and they have joined their jolly buddies.

Showing off his cutlery skills, ready for Christmas Lunch.

We may be quiet here in the Elf Workshop, but we're cheery  little Elves making a Happy Handmade Christmas.

Thank you for joining in or just popping by to browse.

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Oct 1 Xmas a month Item

This month i finished and framed my xmas stitchery.

Cheers Sheryl xx

Catching up

I have not managed to keep up with something each month but this month I worked on all three of these ornaments so that I could finish them off and put the box away!  

I did do less stitching than recommended on the pattern - me getting impatient!!

Now it's not that long till Christmas.... scary stuff... it seems we just had the last one!

Keep on going with the Christmas stuff... it's always motivating ...xx

Ornies for October

I made 4 little ornies for my Christmas collection.
Happy Stitching,

ThiS MonTH

I only managed to finish a pair of SMALL items as Christmas gifts in October.
Hair scrunchies for both GD's...
Perhaps by months end I'll have something else done...

* * * * *