Thursday, 17 December 2015

Only 8 Sleeps!

Last sewing before Christmas.  This is a 'Michelle Ridgway' pattern I've been working on for a while. The stitchery has been done and waiting for a sewing spree which finally happened last weekend ... just in time to wrap for my Christmas Swap Gift at our Patchwork Group Break-up last Monday.

Sewing Things Tote

and Needle Case

I have also finished a second red Santa face knitted dish cloth but for the life of me my camera won't photograph red! So all my handmade gifts and decorations are done for 2015. It hasn't stopped me knitting though. I'm now using up the blue and green wool in another dish cloth ... a spare for me!

How are your finishing touches going?  I hope you have managed to relieve yourself of some of the last minute end of year stress. My warmest thanks to you all for crafting along in our workshop through the year and I do hope you will be joining me once more for the coming year.
Thank you for your gift of friendship, encouragement and inspiring ideas you have kindly shared.

Please continue to share if you have some extra finishes before Christmas.

Merry Christmas


Jeanette said...

Love your finishes Narelle. Merry Christmas & i look forward to joining you next year. Hugs,xx

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Sounds like you've been very busy xx

Sisbabestitches said...

Yay you've had a sewing spree! Gorgeous bag and needlecase :) So pleased you finished up your other-people-stuff before the big day, and happily are knitting yourself a cloth (or two) too :)
It's been a lovely finishy year, I'm so looking forward to hanging out with you and the other elves in 2016 :) Wishing you the merriest of Christmases :)

Renee said...

Your tote and needle case are darling! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Thanks so much for the motivation this blog provides. :) I have 2 more items to sew and I will be done. The early work this year came to my rescue last weekend. I made 3 tote bags for a gift exchange and realized a bit too late I sewed the handles onto one wrong. Thankfully, I had a spare I created months ago. Next year, I think I have a few larger projects, so there would not be one item a month. Would they still qualify for the blog? If not, I would still love to follow all of your progress! Merry Christmas!