Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November's Finish

November is a big item month.

My 2015 longer-term item is finished
and before Christmas
oh my :)

Okay so I'm a day late posting about it.
Quibble, quibble, lol

You've seen stitched reindeer
and a paling fence that took way longer than expected
so are you ready to see 
where they are now?

I hope so.

And I hope you won't be disappointed!

craZy 8 cHristMas quiLt
It's simple piecing,
the quilting (done by me) 
is simple too
Random straight lines through the blocks
then some curved lines over the seams
(just for insurance ;) )  

I am so pleased it has been finished this year :)
Thank you so much Narelle for this fantastic workshop
and also thanks to all the other friendly elves
whose encouragement and support
means so many of our
short AND long-term Chrismassy goals can be achieved :)

May your Christmas to-do-list be full of bright and bold ticks :)


Renee said...

What a fun finish! I love all of your darling reindeer.

Narelle said...

Woohoo! Lovely finish and looking great both front and back ... so clever.

Thank you for your lovely comment ... the more the merrier in our happy little workshop and it has been a pleasure xx