Thursday, 24 November 2022

November Finish--Finally

 I have not had a productive year Christmas-wise.  But I am happy to share a few little finishes.  The candle mats are designs from Oma's Place.  The lace ornaments are from several different designers.

Machine Embroidered Candle Mats

FSL Ornaments


Miaismine said...

Your candle mats are so pretty! I’ll be checking out Oma’s Place for sure! Are they on wool? Lovely!
I’ve given lace ornaments as gifts and they seem to be very appreciated. I like how yours are in all white. They look so elegant!

Miaismine said...

Just visited Oma's Place. Thank you for sharing such a great site!

Narelle said...

Your ornaments are beautiful Beth. Are they machine embroidery?
I'm afraid I haven't been productive at all this year.