Friday, 1 April 2016

Aussie Bush Christmas

One day late for month of March item but I have a good excuse - we are travelling around northern Queensland at the moment and most of you will appreciate there is a distinct lack of telecommunication up here.  Currently at Dimbulah with internet access so I took the opportunity to post my Christmas item. The photo is not very good. It is a Smee Design called Aussie Bush Christmas. Printed in colour on 100% cotton. Stitched in DMC threads. The pattern is mainly backstitched but I have added a few different stitches as I got bored with the backstitch! Only the embroidery is finished this month as I will have to wait until I get home in July to add the borders to make a lovely wall-hanging for one of my overseas children.

Aussie Bush Christmas, embroidery complete


Renee said...

What a fun piece of embroidery! I do hope you are having fun. And, I look forward to seeing this after you have added borders and finished it off.

Sandy said...

That is so cute ... Aussie designs are very different from South Georgia, USA designs!! LOL

Toni said...

Oh, they'll love it!