Friday, 29 April 2016

Almost missed April!

Gosh it's quiet in the Workshop this month!

For me was only when I saw Narelle's post that I realised
yep, the 25th means 1 Xmas post time.

It's a bit tricky thinking 
about Christmas in April for us here in Australia.
On the 25th my head was full of the other National 'occasion'.

On the plus side,
it has meant getting this post together has been a 
lovely light ending to the month.
After all, the bravery we honour is about respect for the lives we get to live 
due to their sacrifices.
I reckon that absolutely includes the joy making Christmassy things :)

This month I have been working on
the other progressive project planned for this year.

Step One- stitching a long-ago Bom offered by Gail Pan
Christmas Wishes
The first 3 designs done 
Tick :)


Peter and Narelle Christensen said...

Beautiful stitching and well done on finishing 3 :)

Yes, I felt a little awkward posting about Christmas on the 25th of April, yet we are able to do so because of the sacrifices made by those whom we shall remember ... thank you for including this in your post xx

Jeanette said...

Very pretty stitcheries. Hugs, xx

Renee said...