Monday, 22 December 2014

It's almost here.

So here we are with Christmas almost with us.My grandchildren are getting very excited.
I finished the Christmas banner and posted it to Oz.
My daughter loves it .

Not a great picture,I took it with my iPad ,I was in a great hurry to post it.
My youngest daughter has only hand made ornaments on her tree ,of course made by me.Its a black tree( not my taste) each year I make her an ornament.

Two baubles this year,made with felt.
So for me it was a very productive year ,as well as the banner and baubles  I made a Christmas quilt,

And a little crochet penguin that I made last month.
So that's my year,very pleased with my efforts,I would never have completed the Christmas quilt without this blog.
Do its a very big thank you to Narrelle for hosting again this year.
A very merry Christmas and healthy happy New Year to you all.Ive really enjoyed watching all your makes,and you have given me lots of ideas for next year.

Love to you all,


Anthea said...

Hi Laura - wow your Christmas quilt is amazing - what a wonderful finish for the year!
Merry Christmas!

Gina E. said...

You've done some lovely items, Laura - your family must be so happy to show off your work in their homes over Christmas. Happy Christmas!

Narelle said...

Beautiful finishes Laura and its lovely to gift handmade items to family.
Thank you for your kind words ... it's been a pleasure to host and I look forward to seeing everyone once again in the elf workshop in 2015 xx

Catherine said...

I love your Christmas quilt absolutely awesome!

Renee said...

I love the ornaments. Your Christmas quilt is fabulous!