Thursday, 26 May 2016

Stitching for May :)

Gosh the end of May came out of nowhere!

I made a big push forwards working on this year's bigger project,
and then a giant leap backwards when I realised,
after I had pieced all the blocks,
that the seam allowance was wrong,
so er none of that to show this month :(

Fortunately after last month's post
 I had continued on some stitching
utilising a dash of diligence
 that showed up out of nowhere
so I can show
the rest of Gail Pan's Wishes bom stitcheries have been completed

These have been such fun to stitch :)

  Wishing you a cheerily festive June :)


Jeanette said...

Love your stitcheries. Hugs, xx

Narelle said...

Lovely finishes :o)

Renee said...

So sorry about the set back from the seam allowance issue. Your stitching is all gorgeous!