Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Changing seasons

And so here we are, nearing the end of March already!!  We are moving into Autumn here in South Africa, only nine months .. give or take a day .. till December and Xmas :)
My file of cross stitch trees has grown from my original twelve to about twenty-four, what to do?  I would love to stitch all of them, perhaps I will!

Here is Christmas Tree 4, turned out quite lovely really; it has a silver star on top.

 And here is Christmas Tree 5, such a cute little tree!  quite small and potted in a brown sack with a blue ribbon.

So many beautiful projects are being posted, it's fabulous to see what everyone is making, inspiration abounds!

Happy stitching gals!
Till end of April
Pat xxx


laurajane said...

Both gorgeous and very different.xx

Raewyn said...

Your x-stitches are both so cute.

Anita said...

Your cross-stitches are both very different
and very sweet. Love the white stitching on
Cheers, Anita.

Leeanne said...

Both very cute trees Pat, we too are heading to Winter, summer is slow to leave.