Sunday, 9 March 2014

I'm late so so sorry... but its March already!!

Whew here I am and my apologies for being so late....  Lots on in this neck of the woods already... Hope it slows down but at least life is interesting.

I have the following two items finished for the February post.  Another block for the North Pole and a gift I plan to give away at Xmas.

 If anyone knows why some pictures rotate even though they have been saved the right way I would appreciate some advice.  I have just spent an hour wasting valuable stitching time trying to work this out but to no avail.  Never mind you will have to adjust your viewing for the last photo.

Happy stitching until the 25th March Phew its nearly here already...



Cisca Heiden van der said...

I love the bag, it will be a real treat for someone! And the block is great also.
Happy stitching!

Pat said...

Great makes! Happy stitching!

Peter and Narelle Christensen said...

Gorgeous bag and I really like those trees :)