Saturday, 30 January 2016

Christmas mug rugs

Hello, I'm Josie, I blog as Alcea Rosea 31.
 For my first month I chose something easy, that is until I came to the binding. They are not perfect but so much better than my first attempt. Here in the middle of England the weather has been wet and windy, good for staying in and sewing, not so good for setting seeds for the coming year.
I am unable to load a photo at the moment, it says Unable to resolve the server's DNS address.


Fiona said...

well done for getting it done..... hopefull the pictures will be resolved soon and we can see it


Narelle said...

Welcome Josie :)
If you still have trouble with a photo I'm happy to upload one if you email it to me?

Renee said...


Sisbabestitches said...

So cute Josie :)