Monday, 28 September 2015

Christmas Table Runner

I know many of you have sewing retreats and I'm no exception.  We usually take a gift along for a secret swap and this time, I have made a Christmas Table Runner.

I purchased a Christmas Embroidery Card for my machine, and I was itching to do something with it. I selected a beautiful Gold Metallic Thread and embroidered 6 Christmas motifs.

A simple stipple in each embroidered block, straight line quilting in the red blocks and using my Westalee Ruler Foot, I did a pretty pattern in the coloured squares.  You can see the quilting a bit better on the reverse.

Just a simple project but I think with the quilting, it came up really nice.  Next time I will do the Christmas Embroidery in colour and see how that goes.


Jeanette said...

Beautiful runner Dawn.

Sisbabestitches said...

Oh wow! It's gorgeous with such a lot of sweet stitching detail!

Renee said...

The quilting looks exquisite! Lovely.