Sunday, 3 August 2014

July project finished tonight!

I found some beautiful Xmas fabrics at Darn Cheap Fabrics in Heidelberg last week, but managed to control myself and only bought two, but also bought some batting which I needed.   I ended up not using one of the fabrics, but that's okay - there will be a use for it some time in the future. 
So here we are at 11.30 pm on Sunday night - I was determined to finish this tonight as I'm seeing some friends tomorrow who always ask me what I've been sewing. 

As with so many of my projects, I started out with a design from a magazine, but it got changed along the way.   The original design was a table runner, of which the centre looked much like mine, but that's where I started changing it.  The original had four different fabric squares with the stitcheries, but I couldn't make up my mind which four to use,  so I ended up using one of my new fabrics.  Then as I was about to add the green border (which has gold starry stuff on it that you can't really pick out on this photo), I found a project in another magazine where they had put a thin gold border inbetween the main bit and the border, and I decided it would look good on mine!  The binding is green and gold stars, which is the same design as the red fabric.
So I guess it could be a wall hanging or a table centre.  Whatever the recipient wants it to be!


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Linda Steele said...

You are being so organised, putting us all to shame!

Jo said...

That's very cute

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