Saturday, 30 August 2014

August projects.

I started out on the project I'd originally planned for August, but saw something else in a magazine that I just had to do, so I worked on both of them, but finished neither of them...However, one is closer to being finished than the other, so I will call it the August item.
A small quilt or throw, using up more of my old Xmas fabrics stash, along with some cream curtain fabric I'd bought at Paddy's Market a few years ago, because it looked kind of Christmassy and I thought I could use it (and I have, several times).
Note:  I have replaced the original photo of the unfinished quilt with a new photo of the finished item.

The other project I started is a wall hanging with three stitcheries.  I've done one, so I plan to do the other two and make the hanging up for my September item.


Raewyn said...

You sound like me, getting sidetracked with new projects! Your quilt looks great, definitely Christmassy and I love the little stitchery!

Meredith said...

Your little kitten stitchery is my Santa Paws project from Homespun! I have to admit to getting a little thrill when I see someone making something I designed, so thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling!

Leeanne said...

Lovely Christmasy goodies! Nothing from me this month.

Gina E. said...

NIce to meet you Meredith! Not often one gets to 'meet' the designer of something they stitched! I just went back to the pattern and saw that this is your first design to be published in Hopespun. I'll be looking for more from you in the future - kitty ones I hope! I'm sticking by your pattern and the thread colours, but my fabric surround will be different as I have a heap of Xmas stuff in my stash that I want to get rid of. Hope you will approve of my choice :-)

Narelle said...

Lovely projects and an extra special treat to 'meet' the designer :o)