Sunday, 6 September 2015

June and August

What can I say?
My brain seems to have gone on leave 
and it forgot to tell me
leaving my body wandering along oblivious
and doing quite daft things!

I really thought I had posted June's item here
but it seems not
so here it is now :)

The last stitched part 
of this year's longer-to-do project
My label :)
Next is to put it all together
hope my brain hangs around for that :)

my item for August
a simple stitchery designed by Gail Pan

I did have an item finished for July
though I'm having some difficulty getting good photo's
so hopefully that will show up sometime this month too :)

So sorry Narelle for being all over the place with my showing and telling!

May you all have a lovely jingly-making September


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh.....the reindeer in hats are ADORABLE!

Jo said...

Oh how beautiful.
Such lovely stitching

Renee said...

Both projects are darling, but I just love, love, love your label!

Aussie Maria said...

I wish I had found this blog earlier. So I'm sitting down now, relaxing and reading
Love the reindeer 😃

Dawn said...

Wow, If that's just the label, I cant wait to see the whole quilt so I hope your brain hangs around a little longer xxx