Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A "Naughty" List?

If there's going to be a 'naughty' list then I better put myself at the top. My poor little birdy ornament is still waiting to be made up and no further Christmas Crafty-ness has been happening except for this 12 1/2" block I made up for our local patchwork group's Christmas gift swap.

I'm afraid this cruel drought just won't let go and all my time and energy is spent helping hubby care for our livestock. It's lovely to be able to pop in here and see all the gorgeous gifts and decorations that all you lovely clever elves have been busy making. Keep up the great work because you-know-who is packing the sleigh and it won't be long now...who's already started their festive displays or is there a special date at your place?

2015?  Yes, I would love to keep our merry group going next year and look forward to joining in once more with hopefully more success in the crafty department.

RECIPES?  If you have a Christmas recipe you would like to email to me, I'll pop it up on the Recipe page when I have a chance.

DECEMBER ~ I was thinking that maybe as December is THE month, we could post at any time if you have any items to share.

Happy Christmas Crafting and may your Gift Boxes be overflowing with handmade goodness.


Leeanne said...

hey I thought I was the naughtiest Elf!?? Cute make.

Cheryl said...

Never mind Narelle. We just appreciate you as our overseer. Thankyiou. Is a lovely block you've made

Gina E. said...

I am sorry to hear of your ongoing drought related problems. It can be such a hard life on the land, most people in cities have no idea.
I am also very appreciative of you keeping this blog going, as several of the items I have made during the year have already gone to good homes. As soon as a friend admired something, I would hand it to them and say "Happy Christmas - here is your present!"
Take care, hope things improve soon for you and your hubby.

Sisbabestitches said...

Such a sweet block Narelle. If only the tears that have been cried over this drought were enough to break it! I am so pleased we get to be back here again next year, looking forward to more success myself in 2015 :)

Sharon @ OSEWDIVINE said...

So sorry to hear about the drought.. wish I could have given you some of our rain it has been a terrible spring and summer so far.. I think perhaps I am the naughtiest elf or one of them as well... Not much in the Xmas craft happenings for me in the last two months but have finally finished Xmas present making, Hope you sit back and enjoy Xmas... Take Care Love to be apart of this next year (I hope for an overflowing Xmas Display hehehe...)

Anthea said...

Narelle you do a wonderful job to host this blog, despite your drought challenges, so we're very fortunate!
I love being part of this great little group, & look forward to planning some fun projects for 2015!
Merry Christmas xx