Friday, 31 January 2014

My January item

After reading about 'One Christmas Item a Month'  I signed in last week. So I had to find an item I could make before the beginning of February. Yesterday I chose for a biscornu and finished it today. It was a bit stressing, for the blue linen was difficult to x-stitch. But I think it will do. Another item to hang in our tree next X-mas.

The tray where my Christmas items are during the other months of the year is becoming to small.

I hope to begin the first block of A Scandinavian Christmas next month. I have the pattern for several years and bought some Lynette Anderson fabric last year. I love the pattern and hope the quilt will be finished by December.

Thank you, Narelle, for the opportunity to be an elf this year.
Sorry, my English isn't superb, but I hope you can still read it.

Have a nice month, Christmas elves,




Noela said...

Lovely finish Cisca. Hugs.....

Narelle said...

Thank you Cisca and welcome :o)
Love your biscornu ... so pretty in the blue.

Leeanne said...

Cute pincushion. Oh Scandinavian Christmas is a wonderful quilt, I remember quilting that for one of my customers.

Anthea said...

The Scandinavian Christmas is such a gorgeous design Cisca, good luck stitching it, and don't worry your English is fine!

Elyte said...

You chose lovely colours for your pretty pincushion. I think that your English is very good.

Gina E. said...

I adore biscornus, and yours is exquisite!